Capelli Salon



 At Capelli we have the highest standards in everything from cuts and styles to the environment you're welcomed into with each visit. The most important part of creating that reality is our talented staff. Each member works hard to make sure your experience and final look is the best it can be.

Sara Close

owner / stylist

As owner of Capelli, Sara is the motor of the salon's machine. Her favorite color is leopard and she enjoys tacos, yahtzee and lively conversation over a vodka soda with lime.


Katie Dubiel


Katie has been on the Capelli team the longest, and will not only do your hair, but help you redecorate your house in her spare time. She will work for coffee, Cheeze-Its, and dirty martinis (with bleu-cheese-stuffed olives, of course.)

Kathy Kang


When Kathy is not being OCD with angled bobs, and blow-outs, she enjoys long walks through Target, or watching Netflix (alone, BTW). She also has a passion for false eyelashes that has become a case-study with university Psychology departments. 


Maura McCarthy


As an aspiring professional speed-walker, Maura can be found racing to Donkey Taqueria any chance she gets. She's fueled by coffee and epic levels of laughter.

Ryan Herkle


Ryan brings tons of experience to his chair at Capelli. He also works. A LOT. He's starting to make the rest of us look a bit lazy. Don't let his productivity fool you. He likes binge-watching TV as much as the next person.


Alison Shimmel

nail tech

Born and raised outside Boston, Alison comes to Capelli with 14 years (and counting) of nail experience. She is an avid runner, some-time dog-sitter, and lover of all things pasta.


Natalina Auchter


It would be very difficult to out-eclectic Natalina. While she engages in the salon's requisite cat fancy, her other favorites include moon tattoos, the beach, NPR, cemeteries and painting & drawing.